10 Exercises to Increase Your Power for Volleyball Spikes

The volleyball spike is one of the most exciting and decisive plays in the game. A powerful spike not only scores points but also sends a strong message to the opposing team. However, spiking the ball with authority requires more than just good timing and technique; it demands power. This article will focus on ten exercises designed to increase your power for volleyball spikes, making you a formidable force on the court.

The Importance of Power in Spiking

Before diving into the exercises, it’s essential to understand why power is crucial in volleyball spikes. Power allows you to hit the ball harder and faster, making it difficult for defenders to block or dig. A powerful spike also has the psychological advantage of intimidating the opposition, creating a ripple effect that could potentially destabilize their game plan.

Building Blocks of Power

Increasing your spiking power involves enhancing various components like strength, speed, agility, and coordination. The following exercises target these attributes, offering a comprehensive approach to improve your spiking prowess.

1. Plyometric Push-Ups

Target Areas: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders
How-To: Perform a traditional push-up but explode upwards in such a way that your hands leave the ground. Land softly and repeat.
Benefits: Builds explosive power in the upper body.

2. Medicine Ball Slams

Target Areas: Core, Shoulders, Back
How-To: Hold a medicine ball overhead and slam it down onto the ground with full force. Pick it up and repeat.
Benefits: Increases core and upper body power.

3. Box Jumps

Target Areas: Legs, Glutes
How-To: Stand in front of a sturdy box. Jump up onto the box, landing softly. Step back down and repeat.
Benefits: Enhances lower body explosiveness.

4. Squats

Target Areas: Legs, Glutes
How-To: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body into a squat, then push back up.
Benefits: Builds lower body strength.

5. Deadlifts

Target Areas: Legs, Back, Core
How-To: Lift a weighted barbell off the ground until you’re standing upright, then lower it back down.
Benefits: Increases overall strength and power.

6. Kettlebell Swings

Target Areas: Core, Shoulders, Legs
How-To: Swing a kettlebell from between your legs to eye level while maintaining a neutral spine.
Benefits: Builds core and hip explosiveness.

7. Bulgarian Split Squats

Target Areas: Legs, Glutes
How-To: Place one leg on an elevated surface behind you. Lower into a lunge, then push back up.
Benefits: Enhances leg strength and balance.

8. Power Cleans

Target Areas: Legs, Back, Shoulders
How-To: Lift a barbell from the floor to your shoulders in one fluid motion.
Benefits: Improves full-body explosiveness.

9. Rotational Medicine Ball Throws

Target Areas: Core, Obliques, Shoulders
How-To: Stand sideways to a wall. Hold a medicine ball at waist level and throw it against the wall.
Benefits: Increases rotational power, crucial for spiking.

10. Band-Resisted Sprints

Target Areas: Legs, Core
How-To: Attach a resistance band around your waist and sprint against its tension.
Benefits: Builds leg speed and power.

Incorporating These Exercises Into Your Training

For best results, incorporate these exercises into your weekly training routine. Prioritize a balanced approach, targeting different muscle groups and focusing on both strength and speed.


Power is pivotal in executing effective volleyball spikes. By incorporating these ten exercises into your training regimen, you’re not just working on building a more powerful spike, but you’re also conditioning your body for the overall demands of volleyball. Invest time and effort into these workouts, and you’ll soon become a player to watch every time you’re up for a spike.

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