Can a player attack the ball with an open-hand tip during a rally?

Volleyball is a cool sport with lots of different moves. One tricky move is the open-hand tip, where a player softly taps the ball over the net to surprise the other team. But can players really do this during a game? Let’s find out more about this move, what the rules say, and how it can help a team score points.

What’s the Open-Hand Tip?

The open-hand tip is like a gentle touch on the ball to trick the other team. Instead of hitting the ball hard, a player softly pushes it over the net. It looks like they might hit it hard, but they fool the other team by being delicate. This surprise move can mess up the other team’s plan and help the attacking team get points.

Are There Rules?

Yes, there are rules in volleyball that say when players can use the open-hand tip. The ball can’t be held, pushed, or thrown. It has to be touched with the fingertips and not the palm of the hand. So, it’s all about fair play. The rules make sure the move is done right and doesn’t break the game’s fairness.

Why is it a Smart Move?

The open-hand tip is a clever move because it confuses the other team. When players use it, defenders don’t know if the ball will be hit hard or softly. This makes them hesitate and gives the attacking team a chance to find gaps in the defense. So, it’s not just about power – it’s about tricking the other team into making mistakes.

Learning to Do It

Even though the open-hand tip seems simple, it takes practice to get it right. Players need to know where the other team’s players are and find the best spots to tap the ball. Also, it’s better to use this move sometimes, not all the time. That way, it’s a surprise and works better.


In volleyball, the open-hand tip is a sneaky move that can really help a team score points. It’s legal as long as the rules are followed – no holding, pushing, or using the palm. This tricky move isn’t just about power; it’s about outsmarting the other team. With practice and smart thinking, players can use the open-hand tip to their advantage and have fun playing this awesome game.

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