Euro-Step Move in Basketball: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to up your basketball game? The Euro-Step move is one of the most effective and versatile tools a player can use. This in-depth guide will introduce you to the basics of the Euro-Step move and provide helpful tips on how to practice and perfect your technique.

What is a Euro-Step Move?

The Euro-Step is a basketball move that involves quickly changing direction with the ball, allowing the player to move quickly and efficiently around defenders. The move is named after its originator, Hall of Fame basketball player, Toni Kukoc. Kukoc was a European player who used the move to great effect in the NBA.

How to Perform a Euro-Step Move

The Euro-Step is a fairly simple move that involves a few basic steps. To perform a Euro-Step move, you should:

  1. Start by dribbling the ball in one direction.
  2. Make a quick change of direction, using the ball to shield your body from the defender.
  3. As you change direction, take an explosive step with your opposite foot.
  4. Use the explosive step to propel you towards the basket.
  5. As you move towards the basket, protect the ball with your body to prevent the defender from getting it.
  6. When you reach the rim, finish the move with a layup or shot.

Tips for Perfecting your Euro-Step

The Euro-Step is a great move, but it requires practice to master. Here are some tips for perfecting your Euro-Step:

  • Practice the move in slow motion until you get the hang of it.
  • As you change direction, keep your eyes up and on the basket.
  • Use your opposite foot for the explosive step to give you more power.
  • When protecting the ball, keep your body low and maintain control.
  • When finishing the move, make sure you pick the best shot for the situation.


The Euro-Step is a versatile move that can be used to great effect in basketball. With practice, it can give you an edge over your opponents. Use the tips in this guide to hone your technique and take your game to the next level.

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