Football Ball Control Skills: An In-Depth Guide

Ball control is an essential skill in football. It’s all about being able to receive, control, and manipulate the ball with ease. When players have good ball control skills, they can maintain possession, create scoring opportunities, and outmaneuver their opponents. But becoming great at ball control takes a lot of practice and a few key techniques. In this guide, we’ll take a deep dive into different ways to improve ball control skills in football, including drills, exercises, and tips from professional players.

Techniques for Improving Ball Control Skills:

First Touch: The first touch is really important for maintaining possession and setting up scoring opportunities. To improve your first touch, practice receiving the ball with different parts of your body, like your feet, thighs, and chest. Start with simple passes and gradually increase the difficulty.

Dribbling: Dribbling is another crucial aspect of ball control. To get better at dribbling, practice changing direction and pace while keeping the ball close to your feet. Use different parts of your feet to control the ball, like the inside, outside, and sole.

Juggling: Juggling is a great way to improve your ball control and coordination. Start by juggling the ball with your feet and gradually increase the number of touches. You can also try juggling with your thighs, head, and chest.

Passing and Receiving: Passing and receiving are vital skills for maintaining possession and creating scoring opportunities. Practice with a partner or against a wall to improve your passing and receiving skills. Start with simple passes and gradually increase the difficulty.

Drills and Exercises for Improving Ball Control:

Cone Drills: Set up cones in a pattern and practice dribbling through them. Vary the distance between the cones and the speed at which you move through them to increase the difficulty.

Wall Work: Practice passing and receiving the ball against a wall. Vary the distance and angle of your passes to improve your accuracy and control.

One-Touch Passing: Practice passing the ball back and forth with a partner using only one touch. This drill will help improve your passing accuracy and speed.

Small-Sided Games: Play small-sided games with teammates to improve your ball control skills in a game-like setting. Focus on maintaining possession and using different ball control techniques.

Tips from Professional Players:

Focus on Technique: Professional players emphasize the importance of proper technique for ball control. Focus on using the right part of your foot, keeping your head up, and maintaining a low center of gravity.

Practice with Both Feet: To become a versatile player, practice using both feet for ball control. This will help improve your overall coordination and control on the field.


Improving ball control skills in football requires a lot of practice and a variety of techniques. By incorporating drills, exercises, and tips from professional players, players can improve their game and become more confident on the field. Focus on improving your first touch, dribbling, juggling, and passing and receiving skills, and don’t forget to have fun! With enough dedication and hard work, you can become a master of ball control in football.

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