MLB Changes in 2023: What Baseball Fans Need to Know

Major League Baseball (MLB) has announced several changes for the 2023 season that will significantly impact the game. Among these changes are the implementation of a pitch clock and the elimination of defensive shifts.

Pitch Clock:

The pitch clock is a device that tracks the time a pitcher takes between pitches. This new rule will limit the amount of time pitchers have to deliver their pitches to home plate, reducing the time between pitches and speeding up the game.

Implementing a pitch clock is not a new concept for MLB, as it has been tested in the minor leagues since 2015. The results from these tests have been positive, with shorter game times and increased action on the field.

This new rule will require pitchers to deliver their pitches within 15 seconds of receiving the ball from the catcher. If they fail, a ball will be awarded to the batter. The pitch clock will not be used during the playoffs or nationally televised games.

No More Shifts:

The elimination of defensive shifts is another significant change for the 2023 season. Defensive shifts have become increasingly common in recent years, with teams positioning their fielders in non-traditional locations to better defend against batters.

This new rule will require teams to have two infielders on either side of the second base at the start of each pitch. This will limit the ability of teams to shift their defences and force them to play more traditional positions.

The elimination of shifts is intended to increase the number of balls put in play, leading to more action on the field and a faster pace of play. It is also intended to increase the value of contact hitters, who have seen their value decline in recent years due to the prevalence of defensive shifts.


The reaction to these changes has been mixed among players, coaches, and fans. Some players have expressed concern that the pitch clock will rush them and lead to more mistakes on the field. Others have embraced the change and believe it will speed up the game and make it more exciting.

Similarly, eliminating defensive shifts has been met with praise and criticism. Some fans and players have grown tired of the defensive shifts and believe that they have taken away from the strategy and excitement of the game. Others believe the shifts are a legitimate strategy and should continue.


The changes to the MLB rules for the 2023 season will undoubtedly significantly impact the game. Implementing a pitch clock and eliminating defensive shifts will force teams to adjust their strategies and could lead to more action on the field.

While there are concerns about these changes, such as the impact on player performance and the potential for increased injuries, they are ultimately intended to improve the game’s overall quality. As with any major change, there will be an adjustment period, but it is ultimately up to the players and coaches to adapt to these new rules and continue to provide fans with an exciting and entertaining game.

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