The Ultimate Guide to Football Peripheral Vision

Developing peripheral vision on the football field can help players be more aware of their surroundings and make quicker decisions. In this article, we’ll explore tips and exercises for improving football peripheral vision.

What is peripheral vision?

Peripheral vision refers to the ability to see objects and movement outside of the direct line of sight. It is the visual information that is captured by the eye without the need for conscious effort. The human eye has a visual field of approximately 180 degrees, but only the central 10 degrees of that field is in clear focus. The remaining 170 degrees is seen in peripheral vision.

Why is peripheral vision important in football?

Peripheral vision is crucial for football players as it allows them to be aware of their surroundings and anticipate movements of other players. A player with good peripheral vision can quickly spot an open teammate or an opponent approaching from the side, making them better equipped to make the right decision on the field.

Tips for improving football peripheral vision:

  • Eye exercises: There are several exercises that can help improve peripheral vision, such as focusing on a stationary object while also paying attention to your surroundings, or following a moving object while maintaining awareness of other objects in your peripheral vision.
  • Drills and games: Certain drills and games can also help develop peripheral vision, such as “keep away” games where players have to keep possession of the ball while being surrounded by opponents.
  • Focus on field awareness: It’s important to constantly scan the field and be aware of your surroundings, rather than just focusing on the ball. Pay attention to the movement of players, positioning of teammates and opponents, and areas of the field that are open.


Developing peripheral vision can take time and effort, but it can greatly improve a player’s performance on the football field. By incorporating eye exercises, drills and games, and field awareness into their training, players can improve their peripheral vision and become more aware and effective players.

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